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Sometimes I feel boring

  1. Oct 26, 2003 #1
    sometimes I feel boring, no fun/no mood at all to do anything ;
    how to dispell this feeling ?

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    Saint, if possible, could you please give me some of your time. Um... I'm not greedy, 5 hours per day is enough.

    Set goals for yourself and do your best to fulfil them. If you have goals in life, you won't get bored or lack mood to do things.

    Goals can be something like teaching yourself a new language and training yourself to be physically super-fit, depends on what you like to do.
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    Good reply KL Kam, I can actually identify with Saint. I have been sitting home, supposed to be studying but the drive is completely gone.

    I would recommend spending time outdoors in the sun, a good hike or bicycle ride. Then buy yourself some goodies from a store (snacks, drinks and a good book) sit down and read from the book about a subject that inspires you. Don't watch television! I have sworn off television, except for the 8 o'clock news.

    You'll be back on track in notime :)

    For me, I am starting an internship at a very good research group so I should be back on my feet soon too :) you are not alone Saint :)
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    Today is New Year (in India, but who knows) so time to make some ambitious goals for yourself, because:

    The tragedy in life doesn't lie in not reaching your goal. The tragedy lies in having no goal to reach.
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    offcourse i have many goals to achieve, many jobs to do, many books to read...............anyhow, the heavy workload make be bored !:frown:
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    Re: Boring

    I don't want to sound all deep and heavy, but life is too precious to be bored. I underwent 9 months of chemotherapy for cancer 20 years ago and can honestly say that since then I have never been bored with what life has to offer - The alternative sucks. In the hospital I went from thinking 'poor little me' all the time, to 'boy I'm so much luckier than many of those around me'. It was a life changing experience.

    So how to dispell this feeling you ask? If you are serious in asking this, volunteer an hour of your time per week to help in a special school, home, or other charity work helping some of those in society who have a really sh*t life, with little prospect of improvement.

    You can make a real difference to the life of others and will also feel much better about yourself and your environment.

    Lecture over........ :smile:
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    thankyou Adrian, i shall feel grateful always and never be bored!
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    strive to achieve what is hard to achieve, or give up to achieve it?

    feel indicisive, therefore boring.
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    Maybe you've decided that even the glory of money isn't enough to motivate you. That is one truth about money- those who make lots of it enjoy making it, not spending it, and this is a talent you need to be born with to have.
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    Chi Meson

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    Personally, I run. It's easy, doesn't require extensive planning. You'd think it was boring itself but it's actually "anti-boring." If you are bored, then whatever you are doing now is not important to you. If you are depressed, you need some dopamine. A new pair of running shoes comes with a free supply of that!

    Maybe its not running for you that does it. Perhaps a bicycle? Scuba diving? Tai Chi? Gardening? Woodworking? Birdwatching? Remember, no one is good at anything when they first start, so being good at it isn't the point. It might not even be fun at first, but while you are doing it (whatever it is) you ought to feel "more alive."

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