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Somthing existance is ridicilous

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    Why in phylosophy no such simple argument agains matterialism that "counciousnes came from nothing because somthing matterial existance is ridicilouse/absurd"?
    Supose there is funfamental particles of some geometrical shape, spheres or cilinders or cubes or any over shapes maybe of diferent sizes, maybe of diferent masses, so you naturaly asking: "why this shapes and not over shapes, but as we see from magnets (how they strange atracts each over) and strange fenomen like lorence force makes us believe, that our live imposible with geometrical mode that all matter consist of small particles of some shapes. So sahpe model is rejected, because can't explain magnetism and Lorenze force. What is left? All over kind of magic like (fundamental) points which attracting at distance, but problem with points is that point must attract infinitly strong at two points intersection and becomes posible (or imposible?) that two points can be on each over in same point. But points also have infinitly large field so if this field is to infinity then naturaly this field interacting with all over points which say either attracting this point or pushing with strength 1/r^2, where r distance between two points. So points can or can not fuse at some point because of attracting force and this means that each point infinitly feel all over points which can atract or push this point so his field is like energy infinitly from nothing, and most hurt question is where is mass of this point which can attract or push over points? if mass is everywhere where acting this point field then this field goes to infinity so this point mass is also infinity. So quantum mechanics makes iliusion that there is some laws. Why for example nuclear force strength decreasing exponentionaly =1/e^r, but I may ask, why not 1/2^r or 1/10^r, where r distance between nucleons. All fundamentalism is iliusion. When that left to you to claim that everything is matterial and real? And answer is simulation, simulation by some mentioned 3D shapes, or simulation by those atracting or pushing points, but it's seems not possible, so only one logical answer apears from where everything come is that it come from nothing and everything is imaginary - more precisly my counciousnes.
    I am traped in this illiusion that quantum mechanic is ture and in the iliusion that there is people who believes that everything is real or whatever, but without this I possible can't exist, because for me need very realistic iliusion. How I see quantum mechanic? I see it in this way: it is like wave function colapse ever comes from counciousnes of is induction of aparatus or some over falsification or misunderstanding of experiments or measuring devices or etc, or maybe such ridicilous but real. But if there is unproved things in quantum mechanic then there still is magnets which can't be explained in normal way, so it leading only to magic - to nothing. Simulation from some shapes is hard imaginable and any points are ridicilous with some imaginary fields which are exactly equal to nothingnes or at least very close to it.
    So what is point of this writing? For me it imposible to know, because it still all goes according to laws of nothingnes if I can exist in this laws, till they seems logical to me, I exist and if sadanly everywhere become dark and silence and I lost my toucing and smelling fellings then I will be 100% certain that I concist of nothing (or I am simulated what not very likely), but is I want such a live, but if forver why not, but when I will be closed only in my minds/memories, bu maybe if I it realize i will disapear? Or maybe such lucky or unlaky persons exist in infinity amount and realy can exist everything from nothing, but my logic is even not my logic, but I still fell like somthing and this writing is just part of my existance, maybe not nessasary part, but actualy only I one know what I writing and all you readers is just part of game or part of my counciousnes. Reality like mirage - disapearing when you try to understand it closer. Because there no real logic in since, in humans in they live, even in video games there just very real feeling that you got skills shoot more something in les CPU cycles, but there still just very realistic simulation (from nothing) of your impresion that you fight some program, but you fight just pease of your impresion.
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