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if i have lot of gfs or bfs, does love come naturally to me to "thread" me and my gf into one thread, or it comes becos we try to choose intentionally among teh crowd who gonna be my best match?

i married once when i was 25, i still remeber we were friends, meeting no a buz trip betw companies. then i divorsed cos i fell in lovewith another woman. i took teh boy with me,---my best part :biggrin:

how bout you ? what do you think ?

i hope people will read my thread and join to help me and perhaps to help others, same as me too, becos i find see that there are lot of peple, in differnt culture backgrounds, like to know about others and forget to realize who they really are?
peple dun like to talk bout socila science ?
I am curious about your English dialect. Where did it come from? What country are you from? Or is it just a mixture of bad phonetics and poor spelling? Could it be you are using one of those computer translations? What is your primary language? I see there is a spell check click below. If you would use it I would be able to find out what your post is about.

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