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Song Lyrics

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    Song Lyrics are written in an unusual style. Right now I am thinking about the song Hooka Tooka: http://www.lyricsdepot.com/chubby-checker/hooka-tooka.html

    Lyrics often do not make much sense on their own, and can seem semi-random. Often lyrics are incoherent or unintelligible. I think this gives them more power. The words are organized according to the songwriter's intuitive sense of harmony, and the words making sense just isn't part of that process. There is a deeper beast, moving beneath the words; their denotative meaning is vestigial.
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    So that's why Steve Miller speaks of the 'pompitous of love'...
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    Exactly! The artist's words dance to a different, stronger tune than rational coherence.
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    Gotta give you points on this one, kid. I always thought that he was just illiterate.
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