Songs with street names

  1. I'm looking for songs which have street names in their title.

    So far i have 'Penny Lane', 'Baker Street' and 'Across 110th street'.
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    The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy); Mainstreet (Bob Seger); Positively 4th Street (Dylan).
  4. The Open Rd (Bryan Adams)
    Mt.Edgecombe 4302, South Africa
  5. Here are a few. Google will bring up plenty more.

    Aux Champs-Elysees
    Basin Street Blues
    Highway 61 Revisited
    Route 66
    Slaughter on Tenth Avenue (a ballet, not a song)
    Bleeker Street
    On Broadway
    Blue Jay Way
    Ventura Highway

    Hot Street
    Dream Street
    138th Street
    Boulevard of Broken Dreams
    Sunset Boulevard
    Santa Monica Boulevard
    High Road
    Forever Road
    8 mile Road
    22 Acacia Avenue
    Skyway Avenue
    Boyce Avenue
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    Wilson Pickett's "Funky Broadway"
    Dire Straits' "Telegraph Road"
    Steve Earle's "Copperhead Road" and "Hillbilly Highway"

    There are probably thousands of such songs - these popped to the top of my head faster than I could type them
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    Blue Jay Way, in Hollywood Hills (Los Angeles), California, was an issue. People kept stealing the sign. Even before the Beatles song, it dead ended into moderately sized cul-de-sac, with a great view. The home owners there eventually blocked the view, but Lookout Mountain Ave still has the same great view where it uturns directly above the Blue Jay Way cul-de-sac.
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    Elton John — 'Goodbye Yellow Brick Road'
    Eddie Grant — 'Electric Avenue'
    Gordon Lightfoot — 'Affair on Eighth Avenue'; 'Carefree Highway'; 'Dream Street Rose'; 'Hi'Way Songs'; 'On Younge Street'
    Maji — 'Boulevard Spaz'
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  10. Brick in the wall (wall as in wall street). Does that count?
  11. ACDC - Highway to Hell
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    The Doobie Brothers — 'Toulouse Street'
    Billy Joel — 'Miami 2017 (Seen the Lights Go Out on Broadway)'; 'Big Man On Mulberry Street'; '52nd Street'
    Kenny Rogers — 'The King of Oak Street'
    Elton John — '71-75 New Oxford Street'; 'Blue Avenue'; 'Club at the End of the Street'; 'Cold Highway'; 'On Dark Street'; 'Street Boogie'; 'Street Kids'; 'The Trail We Blaze'

    (Okay, some of those are a stretch...)
  13. Danger

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    Tom Cochrane — 'Avenue A'; 'Life is a Highway'; 'Ragged *** Road'
    Frank Zappa — 'Road Ladies'; 'Inca Roads'; 'The Beltway Bandits'
  14. The English equivelent to Route 66 is the M25.Get your kicks on the M25 has a much nicer ring to it.
  15. Ohh, you got there first - I thought I had one.
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