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Sonic/Atomic Disturbance

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    Has anyone produced research on the effects of sound (high frequency, high amplitude) on Atomic or Sub-Atomic level particles? I would assume that sound of appropriate frequency and amplitude (which is afterall, simply a kinetic wave) could at least disturb particles, but would it be far too clumsy to have any real world applications? Its not really my area, but if anyone out there knows, further advice/discussion would be much appreciated ^^
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    Are you are talking about transmission of young in solid ?
    Then it is important for finding many properties of solid, for eg., heat capacity, acoustic vibrations, entropy and enthalpy. Usually one encounters in Debye-model and phonon density of states. Details can be seen in Charles Kittel's Solid-state physics.
    Hope this helps.

    PS: Not young, it is sound!
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    Thank you for pointing me in the correct direction! I've been puzzled by this for a while.
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