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Sono-luminescence produced nuclear fusion

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    I was reading aboot sono-luminescence, and the researcher from llnl, that thought that he had (mistakenly) produced nuclear fusion. With all of the info available that I could find aboot sono-luminescence...it all seems to come down to 'how fascinating, but we don't much aboot it'. With that in mind, I want to make a small sono-luminescence device, to just watch it run, if nothing else.

    Can I use mineral oil, instead of acetone, or water?

    Why did the scientists @ llnl decide to use acetone...why not some sort of fluid that does not dissolve any hydrogen at all?...On all of the sites that I read up on, they all seem to say that it is very important that there be as little dissolved gases in the working fluid as possible.

    Where can I get a round bottomed (100ml or so) flask...I am not in college right now, and when I was I didn't take any chem courses, mostly just read the book for basic inorganic chem myself, and then annoyed people with questions ;)

    Also, if anyone has any pertinent explanations, and formulas as to the construction of one of these devices, then by all means share them!

    Any and all questions/comments/educated guesses to ANY of my questions are more than welcome.

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    Arghhh! No one? Where would be the best place to post this questions then?
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    Bumpity bump
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    Re: Sonoluminescence...?

    Hi redwraith94, I am actually also interested in sonoluminescence! I believe there is actually a commercial system now which you can purchase here:

    http://www.teachspin.com/instruments/sonoluminescence/index.shtml [Broken]

    I think constructing one yourself is possible, but could be difficult as you need to have a power amplifier and proper transducers. Poke around on the teachspin website and they show you how to calculate the resonant nodes of a rectangular liquid container :)
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    Re: Sonoluminescence...?

    Several years ago Scientific American ran and article in "The Amateur Scientist" on how to reproduce sonoluminescence. There is a step-by-step procedure. Included was a company who sells the piezo ceramics to use.
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    Re: Sonoluminescence...?

    A google search for sonoluminescence revealed several sites devoted to reproducing it in your lab. One is

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