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Sonoluminescence set up help

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    I am working on a high school science fair project and I wanted to study sonoluminescence. I am having trouble with the setup and I am not sure what kind of stuff I need. I've been referring to websites and papers such as:


    I found a square wave signal generator on eBay and I was wondering if that was good to use. As well as what transducers would be good or bad as one article says to use transducers with a diameter of 16mm and thickness of 8mm but another used transducers with a diameter of 20mm and thickness of 6mm. Also I need a microphone which specified around 3mm in diameter and a thickness of 1mm. I was wondering where I can also get these from and which ones I can and cannot use. Also if I can get help on how to wire everything up and set it up that would be great. Also can I find a cheap 2-trace oscilloscope and an audio amplifier with a saturation voltage of about 40V peak-to-peak. Thanks!
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