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Sony eBook Reader

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    Anyone know how to get it to download content from chapters or Indigo?

    Seems I have to use some sort of library app on my laptop but not sure what app it is or where to get it.

    I bought a book that's compatible with Kobo. Currently downloading Kobo Library for Windows cuz I don't know what else to get.

    I'm pretty disappointed with Sony's library; I checked before purchasing that it had dozens of books by my favorite authors, but I didn't double-check that any of the those books are new releases. So I can only get books that have been out as hardcovers for a while. :grumpy:
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    Does this help?
    http://community.indigo.ca/posts/Digital-Books-Devices/group-1243/602725.html [Broken]

    Curious why you decided on the Sony reader vs Nook or Kindle.
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    Use Calibre an open source ebook library... irrelevant which reader you have it translates them.
    google it...
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    When I went looking for a Nook, I found a iPadesque lit screen device instead an eInk device.
    When I went looking for a Kindle I found a button device instead of a touchscreen device.

    I guess I should have looked a little more carefully, since they now both seem to have versions that meet my criteria.
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    Turns out the app I need is Adobe Digital Editions. Still, the library is very confusing to use and its selection is very small.

    I've managed to get one book from it but don't really know how I did it.
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