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Sony Network Walkman E99 v. Ipod mini

  1. Dec 30, 2004 #1
    I am not a huge music junkie, so I do not need one of those 40gb Ipods, but I do want something that is nice and can hold quite a few songs (512mb+). I know many of you probably have an http://www.apple.com/ipodmini/ [Broken]

    Any complaints/comments/recommendations from either of these two, or even others. I do not know much about music electronics. I want something that sounds good, is easy to use, and will easily fit in my pocket. Nothing that is a pain in the rear :smile:
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    (referring to sony) I used to have an older model of the exact same one.. It worked great, battery life wasn't bad. What I really like is it has the hold option, the play random option, and a display screen yet it is still VERY small.. Most mp3 players don't offer much, and when they do, they are usually very bulky. My brother has an ipod mini and I definitely think the sony is better..
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    Ipod mini wins hands down. It's a little bigger but still fits easily & comfortably in any pocket. The ipod holds 4 times as much & has more features (but is still easy to use). For example, Ipod's screen is bigger (easier to read) and Ipod can connect via firewire or usb (I think the sony uses usb only). Ipod sounds great (equalizer has about 20 settings selectable with one click) and Ipod has rechargeable battery (plays about 8 hours on a single charge). And there are many accessories that you can connect to the ipod.
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    Just switched from Sony to iPod.

    While I don't regret going iPod at all, (it's just so damn cool!), the iPod is very low on features. If I had to choose again, it'd probably be the iPod again, and I'd get over the lack of features.
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    I especially love the 'notes' feature of the iPod. I'm not going to buy a PDA anytime soon, so my iPod doubles as a screen for reading electronically stored documents during the morning commute.
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