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Sony's DVD Architect 2.0

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    I know that there's a 3.0 version, but I have 2.0 and unless someone can convince me this problem doesn't exist in 3.0, or if I'm actually missing something, I'm going to stick with it.

    I do movie editing. I create them using Sony Vegas 5.0, and then save them as avi files. So I have more than one titles (typically 4 or 5).

    Now, having used Pinnacle before, when creating a menu for the DVD movie, one simply needs to link each button (or animated frame) to each of the titles. So if you have 5 titles, you have 5 buttons on your menu. This will allow you to either start with the top of the menu, or jump to a particular title (ignore using chapters inside a title for now). If you hit the SKIP button on your remote, it goes automatically to the next title, as expected. Also, with a little fiddling, when one title ends, it automatically start the next one down the line. Everything's fine and dandy.

    However, I seem to be having a major problem with DVD Architect. When I started it to play (this is after I render the movie onto a DVD), it will play the first title, and continue playing the next title (since I linked the End Action command to the next one down the menu), but then, if you tried to hit the SKIP button, it won't go to the next title!! One can hit the MENU button and then select the next title, or any of the title, and that works fine. But if you viewing Title 2, let's say, and you want to skip that and go to Title 3, it just won't allow it.

    Needless to say, I have looked almost everywhere to see where this is disabled. All I can see is that the SKIP function is ON, and everything seems to be kosher. And get this, in the Preview Mode of DVD Architect, the control for viewing is a device that looks like a remote control. If I hit the skip button of the Preview Mode, it WORKS! It does skip to the next title, just as I wanted. However, when I render it to a DVD disk, and play it on a DVD player (either on my PC or in my home theater), it just won't let me skip to the next one. I have to go to the DVD menu and select the next title from there.

    I'm hoping that there's a remote chance that someone here also uses DVD Architect. It is such a good software otherwise, and it has an identical interface as Vegas, so it feels familiar and intuitive to me. But this problem is getting annoying.

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    Hi. I just bought Sony DVD Architect and I experienced the same exact problem. I just sent a tech inquiry to their tech support. If I get a response, I will post it here.

    Such a great program with crystal clear video, yet a faulty SKIP feature will turn my clients OFF. Too bad...I thought I thought I was golden.

    Bye for now. Cally
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