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Soon to be physics student

  1. Jul 4, 2012 #1
    In the fall i will be starting my physics degree. I would like to begin studying over the summer because i really don't have much better to do. In high school I took up to pre-calculus, so I would like some books to begin learning calc, and then physics books to study after i learn some calculus concepts. Also some algebra based physics books would be nice to start before i learn the calculus concepts. Any recommendations?
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    A classic calculus text for many years has been CALCULUS AND ANALYTIC GEOMETRY
    by George B Thomas. My copy is 1960!!!!

    I checked Amazon: $488 new; used, starting at about $5.

    Another approach is to find what calculus and physics texts your college uses this fall....and study those.

    Also: If you have the opportunity to choose some electives, find out what you would need for a second degree...say in math. I took some extra math courses as electives as an undergraduate engineering major and nobody ever told me that if I had taken just two or three more math courses I could have gotten a math degree as well!!!. A variation is to go to summer classes if you can get a few xtra courses you need/want.
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