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Soon to be studying civil engineering

  1. Apr 29, 2010 #1

    I’m new here and found the forum when searching Google for help as I'm worrying about my degree!!

    I have been accepted to study Civil Engineering BSc (Hons) this year in Leeds (UK). My question is that with the degree being a BSc and not a BEng will it affect my chances of being fully chartered in the future (CEng)?

    I plan upon graduation in going straight into a full time master’s degree which will probably be MSc; as I don’t think it’s possible to study a MEng after doing a BSc.

    Then maybe even a PhD if it’s worth it. Without trying to sound big-headed I do think I am capable; I just messed about in college, hence why I can’t get a MEng course with my grades!

    Thanks for any help and advice,

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