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Sooo bored

  1. Feb 3, 2006 #1
    i have a 4-day weekend, i looked forward to it all week at school and now that it's here i'm bored out of my mind. I was supposed to go snowboarding today, but it's just my luck that I woke up and it was pouring rain...RAIN! A few degrees colder and that could have been snow, but no, it had to ruin my plans....so now i'm sitting at home bored.....so very bored...

    oh, and to make it even more boring, the one day my gf and i both have off school (meaning no parents are home cuz they're working) she's out of town...
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    Aww...I was just about to ask why you didn't just spend the day with rocketgirl. :biggrin: Rain sucks, especially if you don't have someone to snuggle with you while stuck inside, and it's too cold to go out splashing in puddles. :rolleyes:
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    lol, yea....which reminds me...i still need to get that promised pic of us.

    well, i solved the boredom issue: poker night with the guys:biggrin:
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    Ooh, poker night with the guys sounds fun. That's just the thing to do when the girlfriend is out of town, right? :biggrin:
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    Exactly. It's like an unspoken universal law of human behavior.
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    It's been 108 days without rain here...We beat the record!
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