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Sooooooo creepy.

  1. Jun 17, 2005 #1
    Sooooooo creepy.......

    http://www.shykids.co.uk/ [Broken] :bugeye: Yuck, I feel like I have to take a bath after seeing this. "Looking for something to brighten up a dark corner?" Uhrhuuuurrrgh....
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    What the eky thump :yuck: :yuck: My mind boggles.
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    I have one of those, but didn't pay for it. I just varnished the neighbour's kid when he got too cheeky. Makes a great footstool.
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    That's very cruel of you, you know. I only turned my neighbour's kid into a life-size clay statue by covering him with clay when he's asleep.
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