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Soothsayers See Doom, Gloom in Closeness of Mars

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    Ivan Seeking

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    That's kinda general, isn't?

    Disaster! My Bus is late!
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    All that talk of violence sounds much like business as usual...
    ...carry on.
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    I know. It's so silly. When I read
    cr@p like this about soothsayers
    claiming people will be losing
    their patience because of the
    proximity of mars it just makes
    me want to SMASH stuff!
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    Maybe it really works then...

    Mars makes the soothsayers speak of violence, and low and behold it happens, haha!
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    I can't forget that around 1962, the same kind of Southeast Asian soothsayers were aghast at US plans to got to the Moon. Descration! They foresaw hideous disasters if the project went forward.

    Well, it went forward, and we got Viet Nam.
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    Mars is becoming more distant now. That was a close one!
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