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Sorce Theory

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    Anybody have any thoughts on Sorce theory?
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    Only that a stupid person was here promoting it a while back.
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    Don't pay much attention to it. It is yet another try at making physics agree with "common sense". It needs not, and it is actually natural that it doesn't.

    It also argues that relativity is wrong. I find it somewhat amusing that people still argues against relativity now, when we have gone much farther down the road. QFT, QED, Lattice Gauge Theory, the "Standard Model" and many big bodies of knowledge have since been developed and well tested. If there were flaws in SR, all these would have shown big problems long ago.

    Also, if there are interpretational mistakes or wrong assumptions in science, one would expect to find them in the areas most recently developed. The reason people keep trying against SR is probably that the more recent theories (which are still in construction) are not as widely known.

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