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Sorry, but I need to brag (just a little)

  1. Jun 7, 2008 #1
    Sorry, but I need to brag (just a little) :)

    So yesterday I got my acceptance letter to the college of engineering at Northeastern University (Boston, Ma.). It's a really sweet school with an awesome co-op program. By the time a student gets their B.S., they will have had 18 months of real workplace experience. The list of companies that I can do my co-op with is huuuuuuuggggeeee and extends itself globally. Not to mention they have many accelerated BS/MS programs.

    I still waiting for a response from Boston University, but I think I have my mind made up on NE. NE offers less majors.....but so what, I only need the ones that interest me (Mech E and Physics).

    Well that is all. I never get excited about anything, so I figured I would share this rare moment with the folks who helped make it happen.

    Thanks PF, you rock!!
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    Congratulations Saladsamurai!!!!

    http://imgcash3.imageshack.us/img145/228/woohoo7usih7.gif [Broken]
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    Nice Job! A great school and great city! Good for you!
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    Thanks! I also like the fact that it's only twenty miles from my house in Salem!
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    Well done SS! :smile:
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    Congratulations and very well done!
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    Congrats! The coop opportunity sounds wonderful! That alone sounds like a good reason to choose that one over others.
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    That's wonderful! I bet you're walking on air!
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    Congratulations, Casey! Well done.

    Now go become a d@*n fine engineer.
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    Congrats. Northeastern has one of the nicest city campuses I've ever seen. Stay out of trouble in Boston though :)
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    Way to go!

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    Thats wonderful news! Congratulations!
  15. Jun 8, 2008 #14
    Good Luck
  16. Jun 8, 2008 #15
    Thanks guys!!!
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