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Sorry guys, I was excited so this isn't my first post

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    I'm me, im in what my quarter system 2 year school calls Phys 202 (engineering physics with calculus 2nd quarter)

    I AM NOT AN ENGINEER everyone in my classes is, everyones good with computers, im not. I want to get into reaserch science eventually and win a nobel prize. My heart was set on chemistry but im slowly falling in love with physics. (despite my hatred for our only availiable 200 level professor, who's tenured and untouchable and doesn't teach)

    I don't know where my H.W. questions belong, but I figure since I'm currently at a two year its probably introductory

    PERSONAL NOTE, I really want to see velocity slow down an atomic clock, its the only thing that makes no sense so far, yes I believe it, yes I will learn how to do calculations based on it but I REALLY want to see proof light can't exceed c(0) and proof velocities near a fraction of this alter time.
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    Welcome to PF!
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    Hi Jediknight, and welcome to PF!

    Head to this website: http://www.edu-observatory.org/physics-faq/Relativity/SR/experiments.html for experimental basis of SR.
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    Thank You, I'm really ecstatic to find this place, I already found a simple harmonic problem that I want to work out for practice (even though op had seemed to figure it out-the unanswered threads seem above me, which is something I dont often see. See, in my personal life I'm in the burn-out crowd, so the only members of acdemia I really get to accociate with are in my classes, trying to learn the same stuff I am with considerably less passion)

    anyways I'm rambling, but bacically I'm so deprived from educated socialization I annoy doctors and stuff cause I know they mustve been through all this-even if they don't remember. not like with HW questions, but just theory and whats exiting me and how it was like for them

    I'm rambling again- long post short I'm stoked to run into this forum on a level most of you (immersed in family and friends who aren't spending all there time and passion paying bills or making an attempt at forgetting they have to) just can't understand

    Thank you, I can't spend to much time looking into proof cause my test is going to be based on quickly accepting it as fact and doing calculation based on such, plus relatvity is only one of three chapters on it , along with gravity and simple harmonic motion, but I will check it out when I get time and now I know its here when I need it!
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    Check out the good old Hafele-Keating experiment:

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    I've heard of it in my textbook, I reaqlly didn't want my "personal note" to dominate this thread. another dream of mine would be to go into space to proove earth is a shpere, I obviously believe for all practical intents these things are true. But inside me lies a conspiracy theorist who says "what if its all made up" so I'd like to BE in the plane and step out and see the clocks off.

    Please don't take me for a nut, I evaluate things based on evidence and its obvious the textbooks are right, I just question everything and wanted to portray that part of my personality to you guys. I hope that makes sense
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