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Sorry,i did`nt mean bulb lamps i said a lighting!

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    hi guys
    i want know how many watts does a lighting have?
    (lighting=the power that exchange between clouds an earth)

    (im sorry about my english words becaus i dont speak english)
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    "A lightning strike lasts only a few milliseconds but carries 1000 Watts of power"
    http://www.canadiangeographic.ca/Magazine/JA00/lightning/nuts_bolts.html [Broken]
    There are other curious facts about lightnings in this webpage
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    I read the link, but I can't believe this is accurate.


    Watts = volts x amps

    amps for a lightning strike 100 to 40,000

    volts = 100 MV to 2 GV

    I'm seeing several gigawatts here.

    Here is another link.

    Lightning parameters
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    Agreed. Several gigawatts sounds more like it.
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