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Sorry if this is an unusual question, but

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    What is the average educational level here? I was assuming a Masters in Physics...

    Please don't give me an infraction ''Monique''.
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    Seems like there are a lot of doctoral students, but they may or may not have masters depending on how the program handles it (that's my situation).
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    So it would be unusual to see someone of an 8th grade education here?
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    Most of the regulars are graduate students and advanced undergrads I believe, and some who have finished school Im sure. But most of the members, who are not regulars, seem to be undergrad, interested laymen and then high schooler - in that order.

    Thats just what I have observed in my limited time here.
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    Well I must say I started to visit back then from 2002, when I was in high school.

    So I am little bit old. (-:
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    Hey, I have an 8th grade education!

    Actually a bit more (BA in Aesthetics), but never took a physics class. That must be apparent from my posts though....
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    Well, I'm a regular reader (though infrequent commenter), and I'm currently a masters student in Aerospace Engineering.
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