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Sorry if this was adressed before, but how can I create a signature?

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    On another Vbulletin board I'm on, there's an option to change your signature under settings and options, but not here. Do I need to be a subscriber to have a signature, or am I just missing something?
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    Yes, you must be a subscriber to have a signature.

    - Warren
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    Surely u could (if u can be bothered) simulate a signature by pasting in the stuff after every post you make, but I guess I must be missing something?
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    You also need a subscription to have an avatar. So how come this guy has an avatar, but no signature?
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    People that had custom avatars and user titles prior to the last upgrade have retained them, at least for now.
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    You're not missing anything at all. Basically, you have to pay for what other websites give for free.
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    So sour, this site uses up a lot of bandwidth each month and this generates a lot of cost. Those other sites must not see such a heavy usage or support themselves through other revenues.
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    Mmmmm....sour candies, yum!

    Actually, they do advertising. Kind of like here...

    An example is Brighthand.com
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