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Sorry to ask

  1. Nov 22, 2011 #1
    Sorry to ask all of you but i have i wild idea about the creation of the universe and I’m not shore where to send it... can you please give me an idea? I'm not actual a physicist but the idea sounds pretty good. Thanks
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    Hi there TLCU,

    my experiences with unsupported theories on this forum have gone one way, out.

    You could try speculation and debunking :confused:, but I don't think the moderators or administrators take kindly to anything without a foundation of research.

    If you're determined to post, I would read the PF rules, and strictly follow them in your question.
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    That forum is called scepticism and debunking.

    Sorry, but as it says in the Forum Guidelines, Physics Forum doesn't "do" speculation anywhere. If you want to ask a question like "why is XYZ impossible in mainstream physics" that's fine, but if you start a thread saying "I think it would be a cool if XYZ was possible" the thread will get deleted, and/or you will get banned.
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    TLCU I recommend hitting up the Astronomy sections here on PF and reading the FAQ's there about some of the basics about the universe. This may help you decide whether your idea is sound or not. If you really want some feedback feel free to send me a private message.
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    My idea is only a simple way to discredit the pulsating universe theory nothing more i just use simple already created theories to do this i don't actually need any more research.
    This is mostly a link between already existing theories and assumptions that lead to the discredit of the pulsating universe theory.
    But mostly i just need to take this thing out of my head and see what the reactions are.
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