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Soul-a matter

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    According to me soul is a matter.
    This is because actually the substance we call soul is the protoplasm inside the nucleus.
    So it must has a definite chemical composition.
    And if it has composition it must have mass and it must occupy space, and it can be felt by our sensors.
    So it is a matter
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    A = B
    A = B because C
    A has D
    if A has D then E, F and G
    Therefore A = B


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    Lol, what makes you think that what is defined as a 'soul' is the nucleoplasm???

    Unless your just making up a new word 'soul' which looks and sounds like the old word 'soul' but doesn't resemble it at all in usage or definition.
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    And how many protoplasms are there in a brain?
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    Chi Meson

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    Spot on!
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Beyond the flawed logic, this is not appropriate for discussion.
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