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Sound absorption

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    I'm starting this experiment regarding Sound absorption, and im having a little trouble finding sufficient research to describe the physics behind it. Basically, I have a wooden chamber, which i will be testing inside. I will have a signal generator at one end, and a microphone hooked up to an osilliscope, in order to see differences in amplitudes. What i'm testing is how the density and shape of a material(im testing three types of foam, and the empty chamber) affect the amount of sound absorbed. If anyone can help me tie this in more with actual theory, and/or think of any other possible ways to analyze the resulting sound wave it would be a great help. At the end of the experiment i will be writing a 4000 word essay about what I did for my physics course. Anyways, thanks alot
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    hello sir
    i am a designer basically in to Diesel generators. we are starting freshely in to market and i am struggling to design of sound proof cannopy for desiel generator .so please suggest some sites or formulas and what is the starting point of designing of this cannopy.
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    If you mean what type of element absorbs most sound it will probably be the thickest foam, and least empty chamber because as a violinist i can say wood is a very good sound conductor. Maybe a bad choice of chamber:/
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