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Sound and magnetic fields.

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    What impact will a extremely high frequency of ultrasound have on a electromagnet?
    Will the magnetic field also oscillate at that frequency?

    What about a conductive wire transmitting electrical current? Will ultrasound on the wire cause the magnetic field to oscillate?
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    The ultrasonic wave is just a mechanical effect, so it won't affect a magnetic field directly.

    But if the wire moves, it takes its magnetic field with it, so the magnetic field may move closer or further away from a given point, so it might change the observed magnetic field at that point.
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    By "ultrasound" do you mean Actual Sound or a high frequency AC Electric Current?
    Sound will have no direct effect but high frequency (any frequency of) AC produces an oscillating field.* The problem will be that an electromagnet will have a high Self Inductance and that will limit the actual value of the current, which will severely limit the value of Magnetic field obtainable - unless you can tune out the inductance with an appropriate Capacitor. This is an added complication.
    *The basis of a radio transmitting antenna.
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    Ultrasound in the 1GHz+ range(not RF) that vibrates the magnetic field of a transformer core.
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    are you really really sure ??

    I havent heard of ultrasound at anything over ~ 100kHz let alone 1MHz 100MHz or higher

    what is supposed to be generating this ultrasound?

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