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Homework Help: Sound and wavelengths

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    For my homework, i have to use this java applet and answer the 5 questions at the bottom. Now, i had no problem finding the period, frequency, or length of the tube in terms of the wavelength. But i'm really having troulbe finding the wavelength

    This applet and how it is worded really confuses me. How am i supposed to find the wavelength of the wave my dragging the little microphone around inside the tube? it really doesnt make sense to me.

    how can i find the distance between an node and an antinode by dragging the little microphone around?

    can anyone give me a hint? Once i get the wavelength i can find the velocity, but if i dont get the wavelength i miss both problems.
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    wait i may have got it, is the distance between a node an and anti node simpy 1/26?.
    Since theres a node at the open end, and an antinode at the closed end, and the tube is 1 m long, i should be able to count the number of nodes and antinodes and divide one by that answer to get the distance between a node and an adjacent antinode correct?
    and then multiplying the distance between a node and an antinode by 4 would give me the wavelength?
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