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Sound Experiment

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    Sound Experiment......

    What experiment could you perform to find the frequency of a sound wave? I thought that you could calculate the speed of sound though hitting sticks and hearing echo, etc, and then using the v = f*lambda formula to find frequency - but how would you find the wavelength to calculate the frquency?

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    http://physics.nku.edu/GeneralLab/211 Speed of sound -tube.html

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    I found that rather then slowly and painstakingly searching for a resonance point it may be best to simply let the water fall. As the water level drops through a resonance it will be quite noticeable make a quick mark to indicate the level of the water. Repeat this process several times. you will have a group of marks which indicate a resonance, this gives you a average and error bounds. What more could you ask for.

    This can be a very quick experiment, done my way, so do lots of repetitions listening to a locating resonances.

    We replaced the tunning fork with a small speaker and a signal generator, so we had a continuous source of sound.
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    Would it be cheating to use a microphone and send the signal to a spectrum analyzer ? :smile:
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    Thats the way I'd do it.

    Can you 'cheat' if you get a valid result?
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