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Homework Help: Sound frequency and strength measuring

  1. Oct 23, 2005 #1
    Can you please help me with my problem?
    I need to measure how sound spreads trough foam. To measure it i need one source of sound and one recorder of sound. Ofcourse i need to change frequency and strength of sound to see if there is change in its spreading trough foam.
    I don't know how to produce and measure sound of specific frequency and strength? I have some ideas of my own but I am not sure if they would work.
    First i have to produce sound. Is there an instrument that produces different kinds of sound and shows their frequency and strength? Perhaps a computer program?
    I could use some kind of musical instrument to produce sound but then I would have to measure its frequency and strength and it would not be so precise.
    How to measure frequency and strength of sound:
    First idea:
    Could I use microphones connected to computer? What software would I have to get then? Would it be precise? :uhh:
    Second idea:
    Could I get some kind of instrument which meashures it?
    Please help.
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    1. To produce the sound, you need a speaker, which you can hook up to a function generator (which can be used to change waveform and well as frequency).

    2. To measure the sound, you could use either a microphone (if you are measuring it in air) or an accelerometer (if you want to measure the sound waves inside some solid/liquid medium). You'd probably want to feed your output from the recording device through an amplifier, before feeding it to an oscilloscope (or, if you want to get fancy, a spectrum analyzer).
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    Thank you very much!
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