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Sound Frequency Gravitation?

  1. May 25, 2010 #1
    Okay, this is gonna be one hell of a skeptical thread.

    Being a musician and all i have music software that enables me to manipulate sound

    As of now, I've manipulated a Bass note in C to a harmonic oscillation(sp?) ranging from >0hz to 500hz. i've got it just to were the noise wont clip. i have MAJOR db's in that range of hz, 130hz being the highest of db.

    i've noticed that this is EXTREMELY LOUD. and the pulses of the resonance push alot of matter from the speaker gate where my hand is about an inch away from the gate.

    besides the whole room shaking, its pretty neat. for only coming out of 2 15" speakers.

    so i was thinking. what if i emit this sound through a huge speaker. (biggest i've found was 32") and reduce the cubic size of the speaker using a cone looking funnel to channel the resonance downwards. could i make this thing gravitate?

    i mean okay. for anyone who has a volume control on your computer. My macbookpro has 16 volume bars to go up and down. I'm running my music and sound through a mixer board and into 2 15" speakers. bar 14 is pretty loud when playing music. with this C note, i'm on bar 1 and my walls are shaking. thats how loud this is.

    I saw a thing on tv that was about using oscillations to gravitate a styrofoam cup. he was talking about how very little power this used and what little resonance he was using to gravitate the styrofoam cup.

    so fella's, could my music take me sky high or am i gonna be grounded with a headache.
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  3. May 26, 2010 #2
    Just an update on whats happened so far:

    adjusting the tuning of the C note while note is being played creates tremendous effects on its surroundings. i can make different things hum with the note now, guitar strings, walls, glass jars, windows, ect. its deff very neat

    Can someone explain how to make an electromagnetic vacuum from oscillations? i read up on it before i went to bed last night but what the materials i would need to make this?

    well. not exactly make, guessing its quantum physics, but what supplies do i need.
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