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Sound generator

  1. May 13, 2005 #1
    I am looking for sound generator from 300 Hz frequency up to 1.5 KHz, with adjustable volume. Is there such a thing in the electronic market? I also want to know the frequency it produces as I turn the knob.

    If I want to make the circuit myself, where do I get the circuit plan?
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    So you're looking for a signal generator that makes pure sine waves? As far as volume is concerned, you could always use a pre-amp to feed your amplifier that feeds the speakers (or right from the pre-amp to headphones). There are commerical ones but may be slightly difficult to locate.

    For circuits it is something you can find via google pretty easily, here's one with a wien-bridge oscillator:

    And here's a application sheet from national:
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    Thanks a lot for your advice, Cliff.
    Now I have been reading the website you quoted, and I found it quite comprehensive.
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