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Homework Help: Sound Intensities

  1. Apr 17, 2006 #1
    Can anyone help me with how you would solve these? i am lost...

    1.) Soudn 1 has an intensity of 380 W/m^2. Sound 2 has an intensity level of 2.5 dB greater than the intensity level of soudn 1. What is the intensity level of sound 2?

    2.) A siren produces a soudn of 120 dB at 2m. Find the intensity level of the siren at 12m.
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    What have you tried to do so far?
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    1) What is the definition of a decibel in regards to sound intensity?

    2) What does this question have to do with the inverse square law?
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    Can anyone help ? im lost
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    You need to do some reading. I gave you two very large hints with the questions I asked you. Look up the equation for calculating decibels from the sound intensity. Also, look up the inverse square law.
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