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Homework Help: Sound Lab help

  1. Mar 9, 2013 #1
    I don't understand what this lab I'm supposed come up with will involve.

    There's going to be a sound generator producing sound waves. We will have a meter stick and a sensor to measure the sound intensity(W/square meters) and sound level(decibels). We will measure the intensity and level at 6 different distances. If we do that, the 3 sets of data we'll have to use is distance, intensity and level. We need to make a table for this but make an extra column.

    Either with the data we collect or with something we calculate from the data, were supposed to create a linear/straight-line graph. The slope of that line is supposed to be really important and we'll need it to calculate the power of the sound source.

    Before we can start, these are the questions we needed to answer.
    •What will you use as the independent axis?
    •What will you use as the dependent axis?
    •What does the slope of the graph represent?
    •How can you calculate power from that slope?

    We kind of guessed distance would be the independent axis, but were not sure what the y-axis would be. I don't know what the slope would represent, or how I'd calculate power from it.

    And my biggest problem, I don't have any idea how I'd make it a linear graph. From what I can tell, I'm pretty sure the data will result in a log graph, and I don't know how wwe should tweek the scale of the x and y axis to make it a straight line.

    Help please. All the other classes are stumped as well.
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    Instead of using a logarithmic axis, isn't there some equivalent operation you can do on the data?
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