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Homework Help: Sound Lab

  1. Jan 30, 2005 #1
    I have completed a lab on sound waves in which we measured the speed of sound in air(a vaccum) by measuring the lengths of pipes that would resonate tunning forks fundamental frequencies. One question I am asked to answer is to describe the relationship between the frequency of a sound and the length of a pipe that resonates it and explain why the relationship is what is it. By looking at my datd I can't see a relation between the two...
    (384Hz, 19.8cm) (426.7Hz, 19.9cm) (480Hz, 18.7cm) those were closed pipes and then (256Hz, 71.8cm) and (288Hz, 58.4cm) those were open pipes. From that data I don't see a relation between the frequency and the length that resonates it, am I missing somehting or did I just come up with bad data, mind you when I calculated the speed of sound I came up with an average of 341 m/s so It was farily close to the accepted value.
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    Andrew Mason

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    It looks to me like your open pipes correspond to 1/2 wavelengths. Your closed pipes are approximately 1/4 wavelengths. The data seems to be a little off though.

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