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Sound Problem

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    Sound Problem....

    A swimmer with one ear underwater and one ear above water in air, hears a crash. She hears the crash in the water first where the Veloctiy of the wave in water was 1500m/s. The air temperature is 20°C and she hears the wave again after 2.0 seconds but this time she hears it through the ear thats above the water. Find the distance from the crash....

    What I tried was this:

    -Vair=332 + 0.59 (20°) = 343.8m/s

    -Since she hears the sound in air 2 seconds after it must've travelled at least 343.8*2 = 687.6 m

    So is the distance is 687.6 m?

    Thx for help....
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    Try again.

    Let t = time it took for the sound to arrive in water.

    Now, in terms of t, how long did it take in air?

    See if you can do anything with that...
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    Im sorry I dont understand...If i find the ratio of the time it took for water than air, how will that help me?
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    Ok, you know the speed of sound in air at 20 degrees, right?

    let x be the distance...
    x/1500 = t1 (time taken in water)

    x/speed of sound in air (20C) = t2

    t2 = t1 + 2 (since it is two seconds later)

    x/speed of sound in air(20 C) = x/1500 + 2

    Now, solve.
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    k thx ill try that
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