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Sound reflected from wall

  1. Jun 27, 2013 #1

    When a mechanical wave gets reflected from a rigid surface,say a fixed end of a rope ,it undergoes a phase shift of ∏ ,but when a sound wave gets reflected from a hard surface ,say from a wall,it doesnt undergo any phase shift .

    There is confusion regarding phase shift of sound wave from a hard surface,like a wall.At some places,I have read it doesnt undergo any phase change .At other places I have read ,sound undergoes a phase shift of ∏.

    What is the correct explaination ?

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    It depends on the relative impedance of the object that it's travelling in and reflected from....


    Electrical waves travelling down a transmission line are also phase changed (or not) according to the impedance of the end. For example a pulse arriving at a short circuit (=low impedance) is reflected inverted.
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