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Sound responsive light and movement

  1. Jul 7, 2008 #1
    i'm not sure if i'm posting this in the right directory, but i'm trying to figure out a way to make a mesh that is responsive to sound via light and movement. (i.e. some form of musical beat will cause this surface to ripple and light up). this is for an architecture thesis. the movement of the surface caused by the music should be random and unpredictable, while the lights would reflect the pulse created by the music.

    i'm absolutely new to circuitry and robotics, but have done a little bit of research. i'm guessing that piezoelectric wires will help me get the movement of the surface, and led's or fiberoptics for the light. but i have no clue as to how to assemble it or what other parts i would need or how many or where to get them. also, i'm curious to know if i were to use piezoelectric wires, would i be able to physically weave them through something like cheesecloth? i've seen some clothing designers use piezo wires but do not know how they were configured.

    i really appreciate any help/tips on how to configure this system. for those that respond, please forgive me if i ask any redundant questions. thanks for the help and patience!
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