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Sound speacker

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    Hello I'm a visual artist and I'm trying to make a project were I need to add a sound to a photograph hang to a wall in a picture frame.The source of the sound it will be a ipod (unless someone has a better idea)I need to build a device to make the music from the ipod place in the narrow place beyond the frame(two inches deep) .I can find the speacker but I have not idea what should I put betw. the speacker and the ipod. I guess some kind of amplifier battery powered.(speacker and amplifier/battery must to plabe beyond the frame)
    Thank you
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    Welcome to the PF. What is your power source going to be? Batteries, or do you have another source of power?

    There are powered speaker systems for the iPod -- have you looked at those already?
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    Hello,I know about the speacker that are working with ipod,but are too small(no good sound )or too big for what I need. About the power ,if I can get decent sound with battery I prefer ,but I'm flexible.
    Thank you
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