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Sound systems

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    1) For gaming, what sound card is sufficient?
    2) For watching DVD movies, what sound card is good?
    3) How about the speaker systems? Hiw many pieces is enough?
    4) Can computer sound systems be as good as a Sony Hi-Fi?
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    Do you prefer to listen to music with Hi-Fi or computer?
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    Can computer sound system fight this:

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    A soundblaster 16 works well with my ears, though I do enjoy a subwoofer to add richness. I haven't been expose much to surround sound so the 5.1 and other such business is not my field of experience. I listen much more to my computer sound system than anything else. It has all my music and video files within easy reach.
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    In my mind you can't beat Klipsch. They started out as a theatre sound system company, and have since expanded into home theatre and computer speakers. I have worked and run sound equpitment in theatres for a few years and most people I talk to agree that the quality of Klipsch equiptment is hard to beat.

    I have the Promedia 2.1 set and I love it, but you may want more speakers. The difference is true verses virtual suround sound. With two speakers they can simulate a suround sound effect, but with 4 or more the sound can actualy come from all around you. This is great when watching DVDs, and for gamming, but listening to music wil be about the same.

    For the money this is an incredible set:
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    Most of my computers have integrated sound cards, but I did install a fairly basic Phillips card in one. The improvement to the sound quality was amazing, but there was also an improvement in overall system performance. With the sound card taking some load off the CPU the whole system just works better. When playing games with sound, there is no skipping or hesitation where it used to and it processes moves (calculating the best shots in a golf game, etc.) quicker, when playing a CD and working in a program the CD doesn't skip when printing or doing some CPU intensive work. I have a Creative Labs (same people that make Sound Blaster) 3 piece speaker system (the card was only stereo), two satelite speakers and a subwoofer, the sound is pretty good.
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    I use a 24-bit Audigy, my vintage bose/pioneer sound system..
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