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Sound Waves (PLEASE HELP)

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    I've been searching for a long time now, I hope some one knows something about it.
    I heard that when u speak the sound waves do not vanish, they go into outerspace and stuck there, now scienets are trying to find a way to get the sound waves back and hear what old people siad (specially prophets)
    is this right?
    I need an artical about it with more info, anyone know where can find?
    please please help
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    I am not sure what you have been reading. You need to find better sources. The idea of a sound wave being stuck in outer space is preposterous.

    Sound is propagated though a medium, such as a gas or a liquid or even a solid. It cannot propagate into or through a vacuum.

    The energy which forms a propagating sound wave is dissipated in the atmosphere as the wave spreads, it soon reaches a point where it is indistinguishable from random thermal motion of the air, therefore is unrecoverable.
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    I am sure I read that some where, anyway now I have to search for a new topic, do u have any nice, easy topic to talk about... it must be related to scientific discoveries
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    You may have been read about radio waves instead of sound waves. Some frequencies of EM waves originating on earth will propagate beyond the atmosphere and into space.
    But since they don't turn around and head back to earth, listening to them from earth is, as I understand, impossible.
    One other point. Even if it were possible, the prophets did not use radio waves.
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    This is all wrong. Haven't you ever heard that sound waves can only travel through air! That why sound can't travel through space.
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    um how do you think Cell-Phones Work ? LOL...
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    Microwave-band radio. How do you think they work?

    - Warren
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