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Sound Waves Problem

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    The problem is this:

    Only two recording channels are needed to create the illusion of sound coming from any point located between two speakers of a stereophonic sound system. If the same signal is recorded in both channels, a listener will hear it coming from a single direction halfway between the two speakers. The brain can sense the direction of sound by noting how much earlier a sound is heard in one ear than in the other.

    Model your ears as two sensors 19.0cm apart in a flat screen. If a click from a distant source is heard 210 microseconds earlier in the left ear than in the right, from what direction does it appear to originate?

    Intuitively, I know that the sound will appear to come from left of the center, but I need to find the exact angle to the left that it originates. I'm not sure where to start in the way of formulas. I figured it might be a trig problem but the way I set it up on paper didn't allow for finding many sides of the triangles. Any help is appreciated.

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