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Homework Help: Sound waves

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    1. The Young's modulus for tin is 4.5x10^10. If the speed of sound in tin is measured to be 2.73km/s , find its density in (kg/m^3) .


    , E(tin)=4.5x10^10 ,speed of sound in tin=2.73km/s

    2. v=sqrt(B/density) -where B is bulk modulus

    3. if i substitute B as young's modulus I get answer a) in the choices.

    What is difference between bulk modulus and young's modulus and if there is what relation relates them.Thanks.
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    Bulk modulus = 3*young's modulus.
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    But when i substitute v=sqrt(3Y/density)=sqrt(B/density) i dont get an answer from choices while i do if i substitute v=y/density.is it possible that in sound waves the velocity is proportional to youngs modulus instead of bulk modulus as in other cases.

    From serway :"For longitudinal sound waves in a solid rod of material, for example, the speed of
    sound depends on Young’s modulus Y and the density !. Table 17.1 provides the speed
    of sound in several different materials"

    please advise.:)
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    any idea anybody?:confused:
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    While calculating the velocity of sound in solid, if the solid is a thin rod, the bulk modulus is replaced by Young's modulus.
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    thanks very much.
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