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Sound Waves

  1. Mar 11, 2014 #1
    1. A sound wave with frequency f = 2300Hz is sent into a circular tube of radius R=160cm through an opening at some point A.
    A receiver lies at point B, separated from A by an angle α=130°. The speed of sound in air is v=330 m/s.
    Sound propagates from A to B in both directions along the tube.
    (a) What level of interference do you observe at B?
    (b) What happens if the frequency is lowered to f1=230 Hz?
    (c) And to f2= 23Hz?

    2. I guess, I have to calculate the periphery of the circle with given R, and hence divide Δx with λ, which would give me n. If its closer to a whole number, it would result in a constructive interference. With questions (b) and (c), my guess is, that it does not change the level of interference, since 230 and 23 are multiple integers of 2300 (factor 10).
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    Hello Jean, and welcome to PF.

    Well, what do you find under (a)? What's against showing your results ?
    And for (b) and (c) I wouldn't guess, but either see that yes, it is as you suspect, or no, factors of 10 can make a considerable difference!
  4. Nov 11, 2014 #3
    can u guys help me pls?
    i got an exam tomorrov and I realy need your help!
    When the sound goes from surface to another(for example from water to air) what satys the same
    a)period b)amplituda c) elongacioni d) frekuenc
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