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Homework Help: Soundwaves and Frequencies

  1. Aug 2, 2011 #1
    Our high school unit is looking at sound waves and frequencies and we are looking for some suggestions as to what experiments/investigations we could run?
    We have speakers, microphones, guitars, strobe lights pluss more to use,
    What are some ideas we could look at?
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    Frequency response of a microphone

    Frequency response of a speaker.

    Interference pattern from two speakers space side by side.

    I am assuming you also have a signal generator.
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    Maybe something to do with the Doppler effect?
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    Constructive and Destructive interference. Play a loud single frequency sinewave and move around the room. At some points you won't be able to hear the tone at all, at others it will be quite loud. Just one simple idea that's effective.

    You could examine aliasing with the strobe light and a spinning disc with a dot, just make sure no-one has photo-sensitive epilepsy!
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    I you want a real challenge, read up about resonance in a pipe and end correction. There is a formula for the end correction in a round pipe [circular cross-section]. Try to find the formula for end correction in a square or rectangular pipe [square or rectangular cross-section - like many drain pipes].
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