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Homework Help: Soup race

  1. Nov 5, 2004 #1
    hey everybody, im new to the forum, and glad to be here. looks like a great place for help when all has failed! :cry:
    if you race 2 cans of broth down a ramp, one frozen and one still liquid, which one wins?
    well, i did this mathematically, using the equation for a solid ring: V=sqrt[(4/3)gh] which i got from Kinetic energy equations, and the size and mass are irrelevant b/c they cancel out.
    the result with this equation says that the frozen can wins, so i was very surprised to find the liquid can whipped the frozen can's butt on a piece of plywood in my backyard.
    i have been looking for a way to get a solution through the use of Kenetic energy of: can, translational, and the soup. any help would be very much appreciated, b/c i am stumped. :confused: thanks.
    also, for curious reasons, how would you define translational kinetic energy?
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