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Source code examples

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    I am new to programming( I done a quarter on C, but that s it). i had heard that the best way to learn about programming is by reading and understanding other peoples source-code( bill gate) . Are there any website i could go to do just that? Reading other peoples source-code?

    another questions( related):

    There seem to be some type of academic journals for every academic subject you can imagine these days. Are there any journals where professionals or academic programmers publish source-code to unique problems?( something similar to "mathematical intelligencer" etc..?)

    A trival question:

    is "source-code" also called "Algorithm" in computer science?
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    j thing that better way to learn C is to write by your own a programs. U can pattern on the other source-code or fine a book or a course with codes.
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    the best way to learn code is by example. And recode....but to start off you should go through certain startup tutorials liek those outta a textbook. for online just type Tutorials in C++ or C

    And no, source-code is not algorithm. Algorithm is theorectical process of computing something. Like Factoring, Triangulation, Collision Detection, GameFrame etc, NeuralNet Activation, Sorting & Searching
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    The best way to learn programming is by doing. There is no other substitute.
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    It lets you download 5 source codes each day for free. But you can simply delete your cookies at your browser and keep on downloading more codes as long as you wish :D

    Is also a good choice.
    I usually surf those pages when I need to know the capabilities of a programming language better. In other word I go there to see what other people are doing with compilers. Don't advice you to use them for learning purposes. I'm with dduardo, though he is the only penguin in the world who is not smiling. :biggrin:
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    I would say the best way to learn to program is by example of others work. However, the best way to learn how to program WELL is practice practice practice practice practice...
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