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Source code of Games

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    Source code of Games!!!


    I would like to have some Games..coded in C++.....
    If someone have those..please post it here for me....please....:shy:
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    Google is your friend.
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    Google is your friend.

    For example, some open source games:
    http://osswin.sourceforge.net/games.html" [Broken]
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    There are plenty, but since games are made up of different components, you might want to consider what part of a game you want to see.
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    I once found some first person RPG source code written in QBASIC. Looked pretty good actually, although it was only an engine and was crashing often. :smile:
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    A majority of linux games are open source. You can find source for games in almost all the genres - FPS, RTS, MMORPG, and even the simple games that are text based which you play from the terminal. This is a great way to see C/C++ in action, you can start from the simple text based then work your way up to games such as Cube.

    http://www.ubuntugames.org/ [Broken]
    Its not in English, but has it points to some open source games.

    Please note that a majority of these games also have win32 versions (along with the source).
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    Do a search for Quake - back in the last century id software released the source code - whicn of course killed the community.

    it's written in pure c, none of that c++ garbage.
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    Excuse you. C++ garbage?
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    Lots of the functionality of C++ is recreated by hand in this code... better to just use C++ in the first place. :)

    Be warned that a lot of the Quake source is highly optimised... there are lots of good tricks to be learned from there though. (The fast approximate inverse square root function is one of my all time favourites)

    Also, Quake uses a very powerful software renderer, this means that if you look at the renderer code you will most likely get totally lost. Modern games use 3d hardware accelerated libraries which wrap things up like "draw a triangle" rather than expecting you to change the corresponding pixel values yourself. If you learn how to make a basic OpenGL/Direct3D window and have some reference (internet) at hand, then you already have all of the same rendering power with a faster implementation which is easier to use and requires less code. i.e. If you look at old games, don't copy the renderers, they are usually terrible by today's standards.
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