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Source for V pulleys

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    I am in Japan and recently acquired a salvage high pressure (500 psi) air compressor. It was junked because the large spoked flywheel v-pulley on the compressor had broken. The pulley is cast iron, about 15", double V belt, keyed shaft about 1.25'.

    Could you suggest a source for a replacement of such a v pulley?

    (Power for this unit is a Kohler 12 HP electric stat engine ... runs perfectly. Would like to get this unit up and running again.)


    E Lee
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    Check into McMaster-Carr, http://www.mcmaster.com/ or Grainger http://www.grainger.com/Grainger/wwg/start.shtml [Broken]

    You can also try W.M. Berg. Here is a worksheet you can fill out and fax to them and they will see if they can match what you need: http://www.wmberg.com/faxbelt.html [Broken]

    I'm sure you'll have to pay a bit more for overseas shipping.
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    Keep in mind as well that just because the thing started with a double-V pulley is no reason to keep it that way. Feel free to substitute a chain drive, gears, Gilmer drive, single-V, etc., as long as you keep the same general ratio that it's designed for. 500psi is not actually very high for a compressor, so you shouldn't have to worry too much about tolerances. (A little pocket-size 12 VDC automotive compressor goes up to 300 psi; heavy-duty home types can hit 2500, and I don't even know what the upper limit for industrial models is.)
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