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Source of Gravity

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    Hi.. Guys

    I am New to this forum and ofcourse to physics.

    During my course work i came across gravity saying it is Attractive forces between the Masses.

    But what is the source of Gravity that is causing This attraction. what is there in the core of any planet.

    Thanks in advance...
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    Doc Al

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    The attraction is between mass itself.
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    what is that caused attraction
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    Doc Al

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    Good question! (Not sure what kind of answer you're looking for, though.)
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    any answer
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    Any and all matter causes gravitational attraction.

    According to general relativity, matter causes a local curvature in space-time. Other matter follows a geodesic path through space-time, which causes the two masses to approach each other.

    What property of matter causes this curvature is the subject in intensive research.
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    once again, what everyone is trying to tell you here is that no one actually knows the answer to your question. Not Stephen Hawking not Albert Einstein. NO ONE. They are hoping to figure some part of the answer out with the LHC and the search for higgs-boson fields and all that.
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