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how do i measure the intensities of different sources of light?
eg. candle light, tungsten filament etc.
You must have at least two things : first, something that can direct light from the source to the cell and secondly the cell (sensor) that can convert light into electricity.
The 1st part can be made very simply as a narrow tube which is long enough so the sensor can only receive light from the source.

Claude Bile

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Be careful with your quantities here.

Intensity = W/sr
Irradiance = W/m^2 (at the observer)
Radiant Emittance = W/m^2 (at the source)

Which specifically do you want to measure (I'm guessing Irradiance).

Claude, that's an unusual set of definitions, you should consider calling W/sr "radiant intensity" to distinguish it from the notion of "intensity" that is normally used in at least early undergraduate physics.

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